If you’re my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a few post over the weekend about my trip to Ohio and Tennessee. The fun filled, fact filled, flurry of a trip consisted of two major parts that came together perfectly.

You see, a few months earlier I had worked up a plan with my fascinating, intelligent {and slightly crazy} friend, Jennifer (Twitter) to fly into Ohio and hang out at her house for a day. The visit would work perfectly into my trip to Nashville for the 2011 AgChat Foundation Conference and give Jennifer a driving buddy to the conference.

The plan was perfect really-until I learned that “we” had an event on Saturday.

So, I did what all people do that hang out with Jennifer-I worked.

I just giggled typing that.

If you know Jennifer, you know why- don’t worry, she’s probably giggling too.

On with the story.

Jennifer picked me up Saturday around 2 p.m. at the Columbus International Airport and off we went to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) for their annual Farm Day’s celebration . For those of you {like me} who are not from Ohio, COSI is a non-profit organization that works prepare children for success in school and in life. They have hosted Farm Days: Little Seeds and Big Tractors for seven years inside the Columbus downtown district.

The event included education centers, combines, tractors, games, animals for the kids to pet and tons of fun giveaways. It was a neat opportunity to see what’s being done in other states by farmers to reach out to children.

On the other hand, there was some pretty fun humor there, if you have a good since of humor.

Don’t we wish everyone would follow this rule?

If you don’t laugh at that, I feel sorry for you.

Just curious, what’s being done around your community to connect more of us city-folk to farmers?